Hey, I’m Marnie! The newest member of the Plus 11 team. I just finished my first week as a Graphic Design Intern, and I have already designed 20+ ads for various Plus11 apps, been the happy recipient of free donuts, McDonald’s breakfast, AND Café Rio. I’ve been crushed in an intense game of ping pong, learned valuable tips and tricks of Photoshop to improve my workflow, discussed possibilities of traveling to the moon and flying and creating computers that have artificial hearts and brains, and started the early design stages for an awesome internship project.

Clearly I’m loving it here already, and can’t wait to see what the rest of this experience will bring!

I have always been passionate about designing things, even before I knew that I could make a career out of it. My earliest memory of designing something was a business card I made for myself when I was three years old. My Mom did a lot of work from home at the time, and I wanted to be just like her. So I would sit at the kitchen table with my own folder full of notes and drawings, and I would pretend to make phone calls and schedule appointments with people on my toy phone. I always loved practicing my handwriting (or scribbles), making cards for my friends and family, and creating decorations to hang up all over the house.

I now have a more practical application for my passion for making things, and I love it! I am especially interested in the advertising and branding aspect of graphic design, and I’ve been able to do some fun projects in this area with my internship here at Plus 11. Right now I’m starting to research the concept of gamification, and working on designs for a reward feature that will be added to our apps. The goal is to increase user retention by keeping the users of our apps engaged and actively participating in their social communities. I’m enthusiastic about the challenge of designing elements of this reward feature that will appeal to users across a wide range of apps and communities.

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