Here at Plus 11, we take our jobs seriously and put a lot of effort and time in our products.

At the heart of it all, and literally, in the center of the office, stands the holy grail, the ping pong table.

[step away from writing to play a quick game with Austin].

I just got back from playing a quick game with the President of our company, Austin.  This is just one example of benefits of ping pong in the workplace.  Most of the day, Austin and I are working on our respective jobs which don’t necessarily cause us to interact a lot.  When we step away to play ping pong, we get to chat about things (mostly the NBA) and get to know each other in a way we probably wouldn’t sitting at our desks all day.

Point one: Ping Pong brings people together.

Before leaving to play that game with Austin, I was having a writer’s block.  I couldn’t think of much to write about.  After returning to my desk, having stepped away from a project to have some fun, coming up with topics for this blog has been easier.  I believe anyone can attest to the benefits of stepping away from a project that you have been deeply immersed in for too long.

Point two: Ping Pong helps to relieve stress and refresh the mind.

Competitiveness in the workplace can boost productivity and help people to push themselves to be better.  Bringing out the competitive nature of people can be difficult, but there is a simple remedy.  Yes, as you probably can guess, the answer is PING PONG.  Ping pong brings out a healthy amount of competitiveness, and as long as you aren’t playing with Johnny Hot-head (which most offices have one, just don’t play with him), that competitiveness can be concentrated on improving yourself and the company.

Point three: Ping Pong brings out competitiveness.

Ping Pong can also show your employees that you care about them enjoying themselves while at work.  Working here at Plus 11 and having a ping pong table in the center of the office shows me that our employers get the big picture.  We work hard, we are pushing our company forward, but we are also humans and need to enjoy working here in order to thrive.  Ping Pong brings that joy.

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