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Introducing: Platform

Platform is the technology that helps build and maintain your passion community. It is skinable, scaleable, and hits the entire bell curve of every day technology use on iOS, Android & Web. Give your community the platform it deserves.

500k Users And Growing Fast…

This ball just keeps on rolling. We built Platform because underserved, niche communities needed their own home in Social Media. The communities responded. Every single App that we’ve launched has hit the Top Charts. Next stop, 1,000,000 Users!

Post All Your Pics, Right Meow

We get it, Internets. You… love… cats. The problem is that if you post 100% of your cat pics to Social Media, you might end up having cats be the only thing that loves you back. Our fix: Now you can post every single cat pic imaginable to a community that shares your same passion.

App Addicts

The average stickiness rate among Social Media apps is around 20%. Not stellar. The very best apps usually float around 30% stickiness. The Revv? 45%. Can we drop the mic again?

The Biggest & Baddest

Camophoto was our first app. We launched it in the app store and knew it would make a loud bang in the industry. Within a year, we hit 150k users and it has become one of our strongest communities to date.

24 Hour Turnaround Time

Once upon a time, we heard the Anime world lamenting about how they didn’t have an app to call their own. We thought: “Why not?”. That was on a Wednesday. By Thursday, we had built and launched MyAnime.

Explosive First Day Launch

After lots of strategic development, and a little partying, TruckzNation was ready to launch in the App Stores. With the help of an excellent partner and some efficient marketing, it had 10,000 users two days later. Top Charts? You know it.

Priced To Meet Your Needs

& Designed To Scale

"At first, we were just looking for an ‘Instagram for hunters’ but Platform gave us so much more. It gave us all the Social features we were looking for and a mobile-first Forum that the hunting community already loves. Next stop: 300k users strong!"

Danny BrysonCEO // Currant Creek Outfitters

"Platform is a game-changer. We were able to launch a fully functional app for aspiring artists in a matter of weeks. Our app, Ncredible, immediately hit the Top Charts and sparked some serious buzz in the industry. Can't wait to see what features that Platform spits out next."

Nick CannonFounder & CEO // Ncredible Entertainment

"The TruckzNation app has completely changed how we think about our business. We are no longer in the hands of ‘The Big Three’ (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram). Platform allowed us to launch our own passion community built for what we love: Trucks!"

Jared SorensenFounder // TruckzNation, LLC

"The BladeNation app has given our core business more positive exposure and helped our customers know we're not just about selling knives, we're about building the knife community as a whole. "

Graham DarbyMarketing // BladeOps

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