Hello there. I’m Cam Brannelly.  I am an iOS developer at Plus11 and I love what I do.  I love it because coding is actually a very creative process.  I think people who don’t know much about coding assume its grueling and frustrating work, and yes sometimes when you find yourself pinned down by a demon bug, it can be. Once you get passed those, however, solving problems in your own way and actually building an app that helps others either be more efficient, stay entertained or help them to achieve their own goals, is very rewarding.

As a junior developer, I will be assigned projects that help enhance our current code for the apps that we produce.  Most of my coding background had come from school before coming to work here at Plus11, and since doing so, I have learned a lot more about coding in a professional environment.  I have loved working for this company (mainly because of the constant state of red bulls and the Ping Pong arena in the middle of the office) and hope to be able to continue to add my part to help it succeed.

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