What does a job title mean in a START UP?

My name is Brandon and I work in the Marketing/Sales Department of Plus11, but that’s not the end of my responsibilities. Every day is a new, challenging, exciting, and sometimes stressful adventure. For those who have been a part of any start up, you know your job title is just the surface of what you really do.

Most days I work with marketing partners, edit media kits and manage the budget. On any given day I do app testing, customer service, or even data analytics. I enjoy the fast pace and challenging work environment of a startup. It gives me added experience and exposure to all areas of business that you just can’t get from an established company. So if you ask me what I do for Plus11 my answer may surprise you. My job is to do whatever I can, to help the company grow and succeed.

What does your job title mean to you?

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